Canberra Blocked Drains Services complete excavation and pipe replacement service offers a permanent solution to drain plumbing problems.

When homeowners face drain plumbing issues, the cause of these problems may be due to the structure and integrity of the pipe networks themselves. Over time drains can be severely damaged by tree roots growing into pipes, shifting earth or other debris getting lodged in drains. When pipe damage occurs, if not repaired immediately, it can create significant issues for your plumbing in the future including a higher change of drain blockages, burst pipes and more.

If after a CCTV drain camera inspection, the issue is found to be severe pipe damage, the next best plan of action will be to replace your damaged pipeline; this provides a permanent solution to any drain plumbing problems you have been facing. Canberra Blocked Drains Services has the skills and equipment to carry out a complete drain replacement service; it is first important to find where the damages are located to replace the affected area.

Using our advanced technology, Canberra Blocked Drains Services can pinpoint the exact location of the pipe damage. Having the precise location allows us to excavate only the affected area, saving time and money on unnecessary excavating. Once the area of the damaged pipeline has been excavated, it will enable us to replace the affected area. At Canberra Blocked Drains Services we use excavation as a last resort if there are no other options to repair your drain plumbing issues.


    How It Works

    Using our CCTV drain camera inspection technology, we can find the precise location of the damaged pipe. After attempting to clear the drains and depending on the severity and location of the damage, a blocked drain specialist will determine whether excavation and pipe replacement is necessary to provide a permanent solution to your drain plumbing issues. With professional equipment, and a trained expert, Canberra Blocked Drains Services will excavate the exact location of your pipe network which needs replacement. Subject to the scope and size of the area which needs replacing, our blocked drain specialists will be able to excavate and replace only the affected section of drain efficiently.

    Service Process

    After a licensed blocked drain specialist has assessed your situation, attempted other options of clearing your drains, and has decided that excavating and pipe replacement is the best solution to your blocked drain problem, they will carry out the service. Once your drain network has been replaced, we will ensure everything is running smoothly and as planned. Get in touch with us for professional drainage plumbing.


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    No Interest ever finance plans are offered through Ezi-Pay at Canberra Blocked Drains Services to make things easier for you.

    Have you noticed continuous drain plumbing issues? Do your drains become blocked regularly? Canberra Blocked Drains can use excavation and pipe replacement services to permanently repair these issues for you, and with our no interest finance plan, you can choose to have the service completed now and pay later.



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